Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pigs in Pain and Low Flying Planes

What is that title about? Well if it isn't obvious to you, it has everything to do with a disease that has been widespread through our country's media. With all the recent talk about swine flu, it makes one to wonder what ever happened to all the talk about bird flu. Does the media disease make anyone else sick?

Oh and low flying planes? Don't tell me you didn't hear of that one! Well many probably didn't hear about it since I don't think it was nearly as widespread as the pigs. But it's true. I searched it out on youtube myself. On monday, april 27th 2009 a low flying plane was spotted over NYC skies.

It was a photo shoot of an air force one plane! And apparently not even the mayor of NYC knew about it til AFTER the event. They say that some buildings were even evacuated during this supposedly "photo op" flyover. I even saw one video of people running in fear. And apparently our own prez knew nothing about it!

So which is more frightening to you? Reports of swine flu or the fact that Our own president can't keep up with his planes?!? Post me some comments!

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