Friday, March 6, 2009

Garage sales RULE

Umm, yeah, I'm holding off on blogging about four until perhaps I have some readers to make it worth the effort. It's Friday night (almost Saturday now) and I just got home from work a bit ago so I'm gonna hit the sack and get some sleep. My wife want's to go to some garage sales in the morning so I BEST get some sleep so I can actually get up with her. Oh, and by the way, garage sales DO infact RULE! I've found many a bargain at them. Two 27" TVs for 20 bucks a piece and Two 20" TVs for absolutely FREE. How's that fer a bargain?! Mind you this was a few years ago too before the whole transitioning to digital thing. I'm sure there will be lots more old tubes to be found this year as many people are probably trashing them for flats if they don't buy the little box to convert the new digital signals. We've even found brand new gifts to give for Christmas at garage sales before. Tags still attached too!

So anyways, in honor of garage sales and, more importantly, in honor of my wife, I'm going to bed so I can actually get up with her and check out all the garage/yard sales in the morn. The difference between garage and yard sales is a subject for another day! To any who actually read this, have a blessed night!

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Krista Phillips said...

You are so goofy, I comment baby and that's what matters right?!?

And THANK YOU! Even though we didn't go to many this a.m.:-) I feel very... honored and loved!