Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Beautiful Surprise

Hello blog! Thought I'd share a bit today about one of my daughters, Lacy. She's the younger of my oldest and the older of my youngest. The in between child age wise. Tomorrow March 4th is Lacy's 5th birthday. To those who don't know, Lacy is actually our 3rd daughter.

Krista was once about 8 weeks along with a child to later find that the child was no longer there. When standing in the doctor's office immediately after having seen the sonogram with no baby, I asked the Lord in my heart what the child's name was. Never telling Krista what name had popped into my mind, she told me a few days later that she really liked the name Abigail. That was exactly the name God had laid on my heart! We looked up the meaning of the name to find out that it means 'the Father's joy'. And we have no doubt that baby Abigail IS the Father's joy right up there with him in heaven!!

So Lacy came along eventually after that. God always has the perfect plan! I can't imagine life without my Lacy! She is soooo sweet, caring, loving and kind(when she wants to be)! When one of us is sick or hurt, Lacy is the one to bring a smile to our face with a kind thought or deed. Even through the screaming, pushing a sis, telling a lie, or throwing a fit, Lacy is still my pure joy and delight that I've been blessed by God to have. So in honor of her 5th birthday, I would like to share a song that I wrote for Lacy along with some pictures of her from a baby on up til now. I hope you enjoy and Lacy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Linda Phillips said...

love your birthday suprise for Lacy. She truly is one of a kind!
love, Grandma Phillips