Sunday, March 8, 2009

Missing Hour!

Oh where Oh where did my hour just go??? Ah, the lack of sleep! especially when the time jumps up an hour. Figured I'd type a blog fer today since I'm up anyways and can't get to sleep yet. Besides that, my day will be busy as we are celebrating Lacy's 5th Birthday this evening with a party at our house after Lacy's first tee ball practice which is not long after lunch which is usually right after church service which isn't long after breakfast! (Said a mouth ful didn't I?!)

It's not just the lack of an hour that is causing me to loose sleep tonight. After facebooking awhile when I got home from work, my 2 yr old daughter woke up needing a drink. After getting the drink and tucking her back into bed, it wasn't long before she woke up wanting to snuggle. So I snuggled with her for quite a while and then put her back down. Now she just woke up again as I was in the midst of blogging and so now I'm typing while my daughter is snuggling with me in the rocking chair.

I'm generally not good at multi tasking, but if there's one thing I can do, it's to snuggle, rock, and type at the same time! Oh the joys of fatherhood! I honestly wouldn't trade this for anything. I love snuggling and rocking my Gabriella Gracie Jo Phillips!! I wouldn't trade her for all the world! Children are such a blessing from God. Even with all the fussing and crankiness, it's times like this when you can relax in the quiet of night and just enjoy the moment of having a quiet child who you know loves you with all their heart.

It's in this missing hour that I pray my little one grows up to be even more lively for Jesus than I may ever be. And since this missing hour has put me on the subject of my Gabriella, next up just might be a song that her older sister wrote for her! But for now, a final try to get to bed tonight.

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Krista Phillips said...

Awwww, my gabby is so sweet!!! THANKS for staying up with her that night for me love, I really really really really REALLY appreciate it! You're the best, baby!